2015 - Thomas Laszlo Szabo Jéga (Jégartmaster) at the Art Gallery (Műcsarnok) Budapest

2015 - Thomas Laszlo Szabo Jéga (Jégartmaster) opens at the Art Gallery "Here and Now" exhibition opening ceremony was attended, such as the National Salon Hosting artists. Located 349 page catalog.
April 25, 2015, Saturday 15 hours
Welcome speech by George Black, president of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
The exhibition will be opened by dr. Peter Hoppál, Secretary of State for Culture and art historian Peter Fertőszögi, president of Gabor Kovacs Foundation Board of Trustees
The 2015 National Salon 207 setters in the last ten years of Hungarian art review undertake. Curated by Julia N. Butcher, the Rómer Floris Museum of Art and History, art exhibitions a long line of the organization, and an international graphic biennial initiative has already proved awareness, professional mettle.
The exhibition is part of the collection is called open Hosting Round musts (M0 room). More than seven hundred creative uploaded CV and digital imagery of the Art Gallery's website. Assistant curator of the work, and the general public in the exhibition space and the wider context of the exhibition catalog featuring perceived as a kind of collection of the Salon des Independant's independent salon without a jury.
This year, as the National Art Gallery Salon new exhibition series launched with the aim to provide a snapshot from time to time reliable born in the territory of a wide variety of visual arts major domestic power on - reminded the institution of MTI sent to you on Monday in a statement.

The next part of the series in spring 2015 opening of the National Salon of Fine Arts, in which you want to map the sake of completeness and to show the characteristics of the Art Gallery of contemporary art classic genre of trends and results - reported.

The works selected by curator of the exhibition of painting, sculpture, drawing and graphic art, as well as those border areas of the resulting works are included, but for a more complete panorama opportunity that digital Tár.helyen created by the Art Gallery during the exhibition of any home artist showcase works of art belonging to these genres.