Double Fantasy Exhibitions - Opening of humanism's exhibition

We invite you to:
Jéga artist Tamás Szabó "Double Fantasy Hungary 'upcoming Exhibitions:
"Humanism" in the opening of the exhibition.
Guest artist painter Ferenc Juhasz.
Opening: November 2012 14.szerda 18.00.
Opens: Laszlo Bagaméri writer and journalist
Open: 14 November 2012 until 23
Weekdays: 10.00-17.00
Saturday: 10:00 to 15:00.
Sunday: closed
Address: Petofi Szeged Battery, 28th Field Smith, John Street
The Szeged Creative Artists Requested CBA patronage.
The exhibition is available for purchase by March 2013 Artist studio price.

2013th Please vote for this now:

2013th Please vote for this now:
The awards selection started. Entered Here you can see my works.
2013th Please vote for this now:
Thanks to you, Leslie T.J. Taylor

Pro Members Will Be In The Following Categories Review by the panel of jurors in consideration for the awards:

Art: Alexis • Hushman: Founder, SCOPE Art Show
• Daria Brit Shapiro: Consulting Curator, SCOPE Art Show & Culture Engineer, Brass Tacks
• Noah Becker: Editor and Publisher of Whitehot Magazine & Curator, SCOPE Breeder Program

Flower of the Hungarian World Meeting of Worlds

Flower of the Hungarian World Meeting of Worlds + PHOTOS
Anna Varga
2013th Thursday, May 23
Jéga Tamás László Szabó has also contributed to the work.

Open international creative-arts camp

2012 06:01 -. Szeged in Hungary creative camp is open to first-Art Creative Space (Earth Art)
Open international creative-arts camp from 15 to 30 June 2013, and August 18 to 31.
Check-in: lesliej.taylor @