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Artistic Curriculum Vitae:
Artist name: Jegartmaster: Jega Szabo Laszlo Tamas Thomas J. Taylor:
Born:1955. Szeged.
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Email: lesliej.taylor @
Foreign Exhibitions / Art of Recognition:
2011th / Jéga Szabo Laszlo Artslant prized creations: "Private-ism" 2011 oil painting BUZZ Meet our Showcase Round # 3 Winners Showcase.
Laszlo Tamas Jega Szabo 2011./Jéga Artslant prized creations: 'The man comedy "Statue 2011 Showcase Meet our BUZZ Round # 4 Winners Showcase.
2010th / Jega Szabo Laszlo (Tom) included two works of the world's 15 most original creations. 1 / "Face to the ... ism" - Relief 2 / "The man comedy" - sculpture NAO Awards "2010. January 29 London Top 10 poll of the New Art Gallery Originals by ASAP and selected works from the year 2009. Therefore, given an opportunity to show the Real World Gallery in London as a featured artist.

Laszlo Tamas Szabo Jéga postmodern works of professional and serious collectors circles interest. His works are now a large number of public and private collections. It is no exaggeration to say that Jéga Tamas Szabo Laszlo (Leslie Thomas J. Taylor ) is a central theme of "Metamorphosis of existing objects." That does not examine the original function - a new meaning and a new dimension to them. So these objects cease to exist for initially have been established, but their meaning is carried from its original function, and further interpreted in the new context, expressed in their presence message.

2007th / Her work won the Szeged creative Cultural Fund Award.
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Ars Poetica:
Its Laszlo Szabo Jéga art of the post-modern art has created a new branch of "free connection and playfulness" denomination. It means the art within the medium of free links to find and create means of illustration and visual experience of aesthetic, intellectual thinking, action and speech manual combines the experience of variations.
Logo creation Myth: "Private-ism" (2011 Artslant award)
on the work, which combines the characteristics of a creative person be compelled to priority traffic signs shaped oil painting of three Einstein depicted a figure depicted Scholar-Artist-Clown figurine. These three qualities necessary for the creative people in order to create real value. The sign makes sense: priority to be compelled to creative people!
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Since 1967. Szeged prominent artists were:
Thurs Patay Michael Painter, professor,
Bakacsy Louis, painter, graphic designer, teacher,
John Hemmer painter and sculptor, a high school teacher,
Nicholas Patay - painter,
Szekfű John Painter,
Blonde victorious painter
whose basic, secondary, tertiary, and freedom, studying in schools in 1967 and 1984.

Diverse cultural activities:
Hungarian Foundation Service Representative
Madach Literary Society
Knight of the Order of St. George
Sandor Petofi Theatre Company member.
As an actor, is: Thornton Wilder: French drama queens on a male protagonist.
Movie recording of the performance: "film footage shows" menu, and the whole four parts:

realistic, surreal, futuristic, collages and installations with the original post-modern, playful intellectual direction was established. "A free connection and playfulness"
Its forms are:
artwork, oil painting, collage, assemblage, relief, sculpture, installation, set design, painting, design, interior and exterior decorations.
Recent studies, analysis and presentation of art:
2008./Máté Zsuzsanna Dialogue - questioning - playoffs. "Szeged" (cultural magazine) 2008. February-March edition 40-43. page.
Matthew Susanna: Postmodern playoffs. Szeged - December 44th edition-48. page.
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Recent independent domestic exhibitions:
2010th / "Creation" exhibition. Ópusztaszer Community Center, 04 September
2009th / 'sitting on the arm of my heart there "exhibition. Attila József Community Center. Zsombó Constitution u.1. 2009.márius18 - April 10
2008th / "Ecce Homo Ludens" exhibition: Installed Szeged Petofi Cultural Center. Szeged John Smith Field Street 28 - January 16 - 31
Recent (restricted) group exhibitions:
2009th / Tömörkény Stephen's Community House. Szőreg English u.7-14. Szept.19. okt.22-2009. Image-Space Creative Group Joint Exhibition. Orosháza Town House Gallery.
2008th / (enact our vision) - márc.09-ápr.05. Vamdesign Center Budapest, King u.26.

Last exhibited large installations, assemblages:
2010th / "Energies - META-AMORPHOUS ÓZIS" in sculpture installation. EDF Demas Prescott: "The energy of the old way of Szeged -115 Power Plant" in the exhibition and conference opening event. The main attraction of the exhibition, these works Jéga Tamás Szabó - shows the energy evolution of the power plant origin, evolution creation to the present. The installation, assemblage of parts of the plant demolished demolition personally by the artist collected parts, and hot forming studio made of plastic wood-frame blondel special fund created from the floor. The fire - electricity, water and wind - represents the conversion of solar energy as a stand-alone sculpture making. The work is owned by EDF Demas.
Exhibition Venue: Szeged EDF headquarters Demas Klauzál Square 9 March 18 - April 06
2008th / "Tisza blooming" in a large-scale installation environment where the risk of contamination of the Tisza drew attention to the monumental creations.
Size: 200x650 cm base. Height: 125 cm. Location: Szeged, Cora - September 15 to December 10
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Recent series of large-scale exhibition in Hungary:
January 2008 - January 2009. / The "New Age" Hungary from 2008 to 2009 traveling exhibition "spiritual father, the initiator, organizer, patron, is managed by its own resources involved, and Core component: Jéga Szabo Laszlo Tamas. Traveling exhibition seven stations consisted on nine itinerant artist :Eva Bubla painter , Elizabeth Daróczy - painter, sculptor, Feketű Buttercup, Hangay Laszlo Szabo-sculptor-painter Ferenc Juhasz, Stephen Ocztos - painter, Devil Z. - painter, Kalman Lazar - painter Tibor Dr.Szabó - painter, graphic .
The final exhibition of 32 works of art has been seen by the public, of which half Jéga Tamás Szabó core material formed, which almost always extends a creation. Stations in Szeged - Delhi - Kiskunhalas - Keszthely - Mumbai - Szeged two locations.
January 2009 ended with a one-year "New Age" Hungary 2008-2009 traveling exhibition ".

Ongoing home exhibition series:
Laszlo Tamas Szabo Jéga February 2009 launched a new series of exhibitions:
"Double Fantasy" Hungary Exhibitions
This is common, and the topic headings are in line with a common exhibition offer is only for the outstanding artists who are also characteristic of the art of a high degree of creative thinking. This exhibition is a series of indefinite. Very high quality, and usually takes place 1-2 times a year.
2009th / First exhibition: John Hemmer and Laszlo Tamas Szabo Jéga Joint Exhibition,
Title: "You are the continuation! "Installed Szeged Petofi Cultural Center. Szeged John Smith Field Street 28 - February 26 to March 15
2010th / second exhibition: Edgar Wagner and Thomas Laszlo Szabo Jéga Joint Exhibition,
Title: "Essences" Algyő Community Center. Diving Algyő u. 5 - May 20-June. 04th
2010th / third exhibition: Dr.Csíky Jéga Laszlo Szabo and Laszlo Tamas Joint Exhibition,
Title: "Face-to Urbanization in the ..."
Installed Szeged Petofi Cultural Center. Szeged John Smith Field Street 28 November 25-December 10
2012th / Fourth Exhibition: Ferenc Juhász and Laszlo Tamas Szabo Jéga joint exhibition.
Title: "Humanism"
Installed Szeged Petofi Cultural Center. Szeged John Smith Field Street 28
November 14 to November 23
GUIDED CHARITABLE (humanism spirit), which is designed to SALE OF WORKS IN THE EXHIBITION amount received Ferenc Juhász co ARTIST OF LIFE SUPPORT EQUIPMENT PURCHASE!
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Unusual exhibition:
2010th / "By the Cathedral" exhibition in Somogy time,
Csongrád County Librarians Association of Retired Librarian and Book Club Friendly meghívására. Interlocutor talk: Stephen Borsi, special guest: John Hemmer - painter, teacher collage painter. - January 27
2009th / "Tactile Art" exhibition
MEVISZ for the blind inmates. Luther House. Szeged Osztrovszky u. 5th
In this exhibition of their works have been presented in which the blind and visually impaired hand-sensing, self guided tour of the works have experienced a spiritual message. The placement of art different from the traditional one, because the walls were in place on the tables or can go around - July 12-19.

Other regular exhibitions:
2008 onwards / "Madach symposium" tradition of art exhibitors. The symposiums sites: Balassagyarmat, Kecskemét, Szeged, Algyő.
These yearly exhibitions Madach symposium held in connection with László Tamás Szabó Jéga shows (in addition to above), the newer - Madách: "The Tragedy of Man" inspired piece called - artistic creations. From 2010 invited guest artists involved in the exhibition are colorful. The invited artists: Matthew Susanna, Edgar Wagner also Madách: The Tragedy of Man c. work formed the subject works is presented.

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